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Spring Lawn Care 2009

A fine spring day finds me writing this years newsletter…. sunny yet only 27 degrees. Inside you will find information on the Asian longhorn beetle, 1-2-3 compost tea, a to do list for spring gardening, 3-D landscape rendering, and an article about peonies.

This year we don’t have massive snow banks at the beginning of April so I fully expect to be on the lawns in the southern region the first week of April. Last year the programs started a full 3-4 weeks later and affected the timing the whole year. The landscape crews will be busy as well picking up debris from the ice storm and other spring cleanup activities. If you have limbs down and need them removed please feel free to call us.

As part of the Green Grass Stimulus Package, we will not be raising prices this year in any of our programs. I am getting a lot of requests for patios, walkways, and other landscape activities and would encourage you to take a look at your landscape and consider upgrading or adding a landscape feature to it. Many people have realized that since they are not selling the house any time soon they might as well build that patio or water feature to get more enjoyment out of their current house.

Speaking of landscape design, we have added 3-D landscape renderings to our portfolio. It give the homeowner a good idea of what they will see when the project is finished.

On the personal side, the girls are getting older and more beautiful every day. Ceara is going to the National Irish Dance Championships in Tennessee this July. Eilise is looking forward to another year of softball. I have reached the Open division in racquetball again and have played fairly well. Green Grass is a proud sponsor of the NH Open Series and I look forward to playing in and hopefully becoming a bronze sponsor for the IRT Pro Racquetball event coming to NH in August.

I hope all is well with you, I look forward to seeing you this spring.

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