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Ticks and Tick Control

I keep harping on tick control but the reality is that Lime Disease is becoming more prevalent and there are ways to decrease your risk of being infected. Our tick control program is becoming more refined and I can now say we have everything we need at our disposal to control the ticks.



Understanding the disease and how it is transmitted from the tick to you is paramount to the program. An infected deer is bitten by a tick which then bites a mouse, chipmunk, of other rodent, which becomes infected. That tick and disease carrying rodent then gets into your yard or even house and the ticks fall off the rodent and find you for a blood meal.

Treating the perimeter of the yard will control the ticks themselves as they look for a mouse to feed upon. We can’t treat the deer so our other option is to treat the mice. We do this by providing them building materials for their home. Tick tubes provide the mouse with cotton they line their lairs with. The cotton is impregnated with a permethrin based insecticide that controls the ticks. We place the tick tubes in areas frequented by the mice. They are a very effective method to eradicate the ticks and do no harm to the mice.


Call for an estimate for a tick control program today. You’ll be happy you did.



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