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Whats going on in the yard right now......

Today is February 4th (Happy Birthday Dad).  You may think your yard is devoid of any activity but you would be wrong.  Today is going to be above freezing for part of the day.   Some of the evergreens will move water in and out of their cells.  They will make some sugar and release some oxygen. Some of the hardy winter weeds such as chickweed, plaintain, and asters will be growing getting ready to set their flowers in the early spring.  

Fleas and ticks (for those not on the Green Grass Tick control program) will be feeding on their host animals, deer, mice, and other rodents.  Those same rodents may look for a warmer climate in your house thus bringing the ticks inside as well.  This is also a good time for you to go into the basement, shut your lights off, and look for daylight streaming in as well.  Where there is light there is an opening for a mouse to get in.

Below the frost layer, the grubs will be moving about  slightly looking for some food to eat.  Roots will also be growing below the frost layer.  

Above the frost layer, landscapers are going about their winter chores of fixing equipment, attending seminars, and getting ready for a spring that can't come soon enough....

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