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Ixodes scapularis

         Ixodes scapularis or the Black legged tick


Tick borne diseases present a real danger to your families’ health. The Black legged tick, also known as the Deer Tick, is the transmitter of such diseases as Lyme disease, Anaplasmosis, and Babesiosis. Though the latter two diseases are relatively uncommon, they can negatively affect your health and well being.  Lyme disease is the most common tick borne disease.

Southern NH is the epicenter a drastic increase in new cases of Lyme disease.  The population of Black Legged ticks is increasing at an exponential rate. We have more ticks around us than 10 years ago and therefore more disease vectors.

The majority of ticks are found on mice, squirrels, raccoons, possum, and birds. The mice and other rodents get them close to the house, and even into the house. The deer are like the bus system carrying and spreading them over large areas.

Pets are at risk for getting lyme disease as well as humans.  The spriochette bacteria responsible for lyme disease can also infect dogs, cats, goats, and horses.

Our control programs will reduce the population of ticks in your yard and reduce your exposure to this debilitating disease.

Protect your family today and have your property treated for ticks.

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